From comparison to ignoring.. the most common parenting mistakes that destroy children’s mental health

Parenting is one of the most physically and emotionally demanding jobs in the world, because it involves more than just providing housing or food, there are some things that can do more harm than good.

Experts point out on hindustantimes that there is a fine line between wanting the best for your child and inadvertently pushing him in the wrong direction. Often, parents are unaware of the psychological harm they are inflicting on their children.

Mental health experts say that for children to grow into successful humans they must feel heard and valued, as research has found that children can often begin to show signs of empathy around the age of three.

Dr. Malini Saba, a psychologist, explained that there are ways in which you may contribute to the deterioration of your child’s mental health, which we monitor in the following lines.

Make comparisons between your child and others:

One of the most harmful acts of parenting for children is comparison with others, as it is the root cause of many psychological disorders in children, including inferiority and cognitive complexes with low self-esteem and self-confidence.

Parents should realize that every child’s mind and body is different, and comparing your child to others will only lead to psychological and emotional problems in the long run, most notably depression.

Ignoring your child’s emotional needs

Experts explained, ignoring your child’s emotional needs is a type of abandonment that causes a lot of personality flaws for them in their young age, which continue largely into adulthood.

Guilt to get what you want:

Parents can inadvertently send their children on a guilt-inducing journey to get something done for them in an attempt to induce feelings of remorse, sometimes using emotional blackmail to induce guilt, which increases the chances of developing mental illness.

Claiming perfection:

Children should be taught to reach for the stars, but this should be an option and not a condition, in order for the child to become ideal and superior in everything, as the child constantly strives and works hard to achieve more and this causes pressure on the child, which contributes to many psychological problems.

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