From Remorse to Redemption: A Second Chance for Michael Zack – The Controversial Story of Addiction, Crime, and Hope

2023-10-08 20:38:05

The man expressed his remorse in a message published by a group of Florida residents opposed to the death penalty: “27 years ago, I was an alcohol and drug addict. I did things that hurt many people – not just the victims and their loved ones, but also my own family and friends. I wake up every morning full of remorse,” he explained. “I’m not looking for excuses, I don’t want pity, but I would like to have a second chance, to end my life in prison. To all my brothers on death row, continue to take care of each other.”

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Shortly before his execution, Michael Zack took the floor to say his last words: “I love you all,” he said, addressing those present.

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He was sentenced to death in 1997 for sexual assault, robbery and murder of a woman he had just met in a bar. He was also found guilty of the murder of another woman he had met in a bar around the same time, for which he was sentenced to life.

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