From the mother’s generation to the children’s generation Khanom Krok, an ancient recipe, in Thai style, maintains its deliciousness, has been selling for 60 years, hard to find.

Good story! From the mother’s generation to the children’s generation, selling for more than 60 years, traditional Thai dessert krok, sweet, salty, full of flavor, sprinkled with spring onions, inviting to eat. Customers have all levels. Cheap price. Krathong 10 baht. 5 pairs. Where can I find it? It’s cheap and delicious.

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It is a familiar picture every day from 3:30 am in front of the house number 406 Moo 4, Si Maha Phot Subdistrict Municipality, Si Maha Pho District, Prachin Buri Province. Drops and picks up the ancient recipe of Khanom Krok. Thai taste that today is hard to find

Because nowadays we often see modern applied Khanom Krok. with various fillings decorated with each other such as taro, sweet potato, pumpkin, corn mixed into it, which is different from Thai desserts authentic traditional with only rice flour and salt Then drop the top with sweet coconut milk and add finely sliced ​​fresh onions to add deliciousness to eat.

which our ancestors invented until becoming one of the unique Thai desserts that everyone knows Most importantly, it’s easy to make and can be eaten in the family like a pick-me-up. But nowadays, the ancient Khanom Krok is slowly disappearing, and a new one has replaced it.

It is still fortunate that today In fact, for many years, Khun Daranee Tapoong inherited Thai dessert mortar from Grandma Thawil Taphaopong, currently 90 years old, mother-in-law or mother of Khun Wanchai, who has been selling dessert mortars since a young age. If counting the age of grandmother Thawil’s ancient Khanom Krok, even to Khun Daranee’s generation, it would be more than half a hundred years.

Khun Daranee said that the taste of Khanom Krok that was inherited from her mother-in-law to her own generation is still the original recipe. Although someone has suggested trying to try modern Khanom Khrok. There are seasonal fruit fillings, but he thinks that the original recipe is better and nowadays there are very few people to make it. Therefore, I think that no matter how long it takes, I will continue to make the original recipe as the owner of the recipe wants to preserve forever.

Khun Daranee said that the situation with Covid-19 caused sales to drop a lot, from 250 per day to 300 boxes, now selling 150 boxes, but still have to do and the same price, 10 baht per box, 5 pairs while the raw materials increase the price. even gas or vegetable oil has moved up

Have you ever thought about adjusting the price? but worried that customers will have to bear the burden and may cause the purchasing power to shrink So I think I will continue to sell at this price. until you can’t Most of the customers have both bought and eaten. And buy and sell, will be charged the wholesale price of 8 baht per box

For those who want to eat and want to taste but don’t have time to buy, they can call 081 – 7205163 from 4 am onwards. We are happy to deliver to your home free of charge.

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