From the Sahara to Lac-Saint-Jean: Soleil Launière’s Journey of Music and Motherhood

2023-06-29 23:00:00

Soleil Launière is not one of those who prefers to stay on the sidelines and take a rest when she is pregnant. On the contrary, the Innu artist went to Morocco to record a song and shoot the music video.

“You should have seen me trying to climb the dunes of the Sahara with my five-month-old belly, it was quite funny,” says Soleil Launière, laughing.

The multidisciplinary artist stayed on Moroccan soil for a week, during which she recorded a song and shot her music video. A shoot that marked the young mother.

“It was so surreal,” she says. “I had to take a few minutes to stop and say to myself: ‘you are shooting a music video, in the middle of the Sahara desert, with a five-month-old baby who kick in your belly”. It was very moving, ”she recalls, still with difficulty believing it. It was a project cancellation, in the midst of a pandemic, which gave the singer the opportunity to head to Morocco.

“Before the pandemic, it was supposed to be artists from there who came to collaborate in Quebec,” she explains. “Finally, as we still had the budget [pour une collaboration internationale] and that my director was already in Morocco, we reoriented the project.”

Once there, Soleil had an appointment with Berber artists, an indigenous people of North Africa. Of these artists, it is the Moroccan singer Nukad who joined forces with the Innu singer. This collaboration will appear on Soleil Launière’s next album, expected in October.

A calculated risk

“I had done all the checks before leaving,” says the new mother of a healthy baby. “Simon [Walls]my director, was already there and did what was necessary to limit the risks”.

All in all, a very productive week for the singer from Mashteuiatsh, in Lac-Saint-Jean, even if she admits having slowed down the troops.

“Ah, how slow I was walking!” she remembers. “I dragged my belly and my backpack full of snacks of a pregnant woman”.

Different settings, same fights

As Soleil Launière says, “we are in the tundra and they are in the desert”.

By talking with her collaborators, the singer quickly realized that her reality was not so far from theirs.

“The Berbers are also fighting for the preservation of their language,” she notes. “Like us [les Innus]they have been sedentary with colonization, they have to survive in a world that is less and less made for them, ”she adds.

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