From today card payments in street markets 2024-04-02 10:12:35

Specifically, from today, consumers will be able to use their card everywhere for all transactions, even in taxis, booths, kiosks, convenience stores, grocery stores, street markets, and even at fairs.

  • Retail trade in non-specialized stores selling mainly food, beverages or tobacco
  • Other retail trade in non-specialized stores
  • Retail trade of other foodstuffs in specialized stores
  • Retail trade of food, beverages and tobacco, in outdoor stalls and markets
  • Retail trade of textiles, clothing and footwear, in outdoor stalls and markets
  • Retail trade of other goods in outdoor stalls and markets
  • Other retail trade other than in stores, street stalls or markets
  • Taxi operation
  • Leasing
  • Life insurances
  • Activities related to securities and goods contract transactions
  • Other activities related to financial services, with the exception of insurance activities and pension funds
  • Risk and damage assessment
  • Activities of insurance agents and brokers
  • Other activities related to insurance and pension funds
  • Fund management activities
  • Buying and selling of privately owned real estate
  • Public relations and communication activities
  • Advertising agencies
  • Presentation to the media
  • Market research and polls
  • Rental and leasing of air transport equipment
  • Rental of intellectual property and similar products, with the exception of copyrighted works
  • Activities of employment agencies
  • Services of temporary employment agencies
  • Other human resource placement services
  • Call center operations
  • Organization of conferences and trade fairs
  • Higher education
  • Cultural education
  • Educational support activities
  • Performing Arts
  • Operation of theaters and related activities
  • Activities of libraries and archives
  • Repair of shoes and leather goods

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