[Full ver.] Full video of LUMINOUS ‘Engine’ Showcase Showcase (Youngbin, Suil, Steven, Woobin)


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On August 17, 2022, Luminous released their first full-length album ‘LUMINOUS in WONDERLAND’.
The title song ‘Engine’ is a song full of energy to escape from a normal and boring day. If I love myself, the world can be as free as in a dream and become a ‘Wonderland’-like space where I can do anything. contained the message.

LUMINOUS released their 1st full album ‘LUMINOUS IN WONDERLAND’ on August 17th, 2022.
Title ‘Engine’ is a song full of energy to break out of a tedious day. It tells a message that the world can be free like a dream and be a ‘Wonderland’ where we can achieve whatever we want as long as we love ourselves.

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