Galaxy S24 Series Unpacked: Rumors, Release Date, and Specs

2023-09-26 07:53:43

Galaxy S23 Series Unpacked Rumors have spread that Samsung Electronics’ next flagship smartphone ‘Galaxy S24’ series may be released early in January next year. On the 26th, overseas media Sam Mobile reported that the Galaxy S24 series could be announced on January 18th next year, citing tipster Ice Universe Weibo report. Samsung Electronics has recently been gradually advancing the release date of its flagship smartphone. The Galaxy S22 series was released on February 10, 2022, and the Galaxy S23 series was released a week earlier, on February 2 of this year, contributing greatly to Samsung’s defense of its first quarter performance. The rumored January 18th may not be the exact announcement date, but considering Samsung’s recent moves, speculation is raised that the launch of the next Galaxy S24 series is likely to take place before the end of January. The media said, “This is consistent with previous reports that Samsung may launch the Galaxy S24 series earlier than usual to respond to strong demand for the recently released iPhone 15 series.” Meanwhile, like this year, the Galaxy S24 series is expected to be released in three types: ▲Galaxy S24 ▲Galaxy S24 Plus ▲Galaxy S24 Ultra. According to the report, ▲Galaxy S24 ▲Galaxy S24 Plus will be equipped with either Exynos 2400 or Snapdragon 8 3rd generation chipset depending on the release region, and ▲Galaxy S24 Ultra will be fully equipped with Snapdragon 8 3rd generation chipset. ▲Galaxy S24 ▲Galaxy S24 Plus storage options are available in three configurations, including 8/128GB, 12/256GB, and 12/512GB, and ▲Galaxy S24 Ultra comes in 4 configurations, including 16/256GB, 16/512GB, 16GB/1TB, and 16GB/2TB. It is reported that it will be provided in two configurations. In particular, the Galaxy S24 Ultra model is expected to have a significant design change compared to the previous model as it is equipped with a flat display rather than a curved edge display and a titanium frame.

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