‘Gambit de dama’ and ‘The Mandalorian’, the most watched TV premieres

The Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ and the second season of fiction derived from the Star Wars universe, ‘The Mandalorian’, are the most watched premieres on streaming platforms according to the latest Nielsen list, full of classics such as ‘The Office’ and ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

Both formats, released at the end of October, have become the star fictions of the two platforms, although with completely different strategies: Netflix released all the chapters at the same time with little promotion, while Disney continues to release one a week under great expectation. .

The consulting firm Nielsen draws up a weekly list of the formats with the most audience in the different payment services based on estimates, since with the explosion of businesses that imitate the Netflix model there is no single audience registry and it is the companies themselves that they publish them according to their own indicators.

An unexpected phenomenon

Inspired by Walter Trevis’s novel ‘Lady’s Gambit’ (1983) about a young orphan who stands as world chess champion, Netflix’s seven-part miniseries that tells the story of Beth Harmon has become a global phenomenon .

According to Netflix, more than 62 million users around the world have been interested in the adventure starring Anya Taylor-Joy (although a few minutes of playback are enough to be considered in its count).

Now, the external study would confirm the success of the fiction, which according to Nielsen was played for 1.85 billion minutes on the platform during its first week.

Released with little promotion and capable of arousing growing interest over several weeks, ‘Lady’s Gambit’ is the most watched miniseries in Netflix history.

In addition, during the last month the purchase of chess boards and the interest in learning about this board game have increased.

The jewel of Disney +

For its part, Disney + appears for the first time in the list of the most viewed thanks to the premiere of the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’, although it does so in third position behind the chapters of ‘The Office’, a series that ended in 2013.

According to Nielsen, about 1,032 million minutes of this fiction were reproduced on the streaming platform.

Since Disney launched its own platform to compete against Netflix and HBO last year, ‘The Mandalorian’ ‘has become its flagship, reinforced with a second season that preserves the adventurous and space-western air that Star fans fell in love with. Wars.

The rest of the most followed formats were classics such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘NCIS’ or series released months ago as ‘Schitt’s Creek’.


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