Game 6 will be commented on TrashTalk, see you tonight at 3am!

We are there ladies and gentlemen, we are there. Game 6 of the NBA Finals tonight at 3 a.m., the Warriors lead 3-2 against the Celtics and can therefore become NBA champions again in a few hours, in Boston, just to put the lid on a magnificent season and to climb back to the top. summit of the basketball planet, the famous American planet. Here, what if we offered you to live this match live and all together?


The real ones know and the others won’t take too long: some of the evenings spent together in recent years have clearly gone down in history. A sofa, a match, two 200% zozos and a frenzied cat, that’s it for the decor. Boston Celtics vs Golden State Warriors Game 6, at TD Garden in Boston, that’s it for the poster, and without drawing you a picture you will have understood that tonight from 3 a.m. Stephen Curry and his clerks can close this series definitively when Jayson Tatum and his people will try to snatch a Game 7 under very high tension on Sunday evening in California. Was more needed to declare the general alert and comment on this match live on our YouTube channel? In your opinion. It is therefore on TrashTalk that the lease will take place, in a good mood but losing liters of sweat, with the banana but in a state close to the PLS if this Game 6 is balanced and offers us a frenzied money time.

It’s good for those kind of live moments that we are, that you’re NBA fans and tonight so you’ll get what you pay for, especially since access to this madness is obviously free as a punchline on podcaster Draymond Green. The place ? TrashTalk’s YouTube channel. Time ? Shortly before 3 a.m. but we will get back to you. The outfit required? Come as you Are. TUTI!

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