Game News Harry Potter fans are going to love this Xbox Game Pass game that is almost unanimous

Available in Xbox Game Pass, Potion Craft is for fans of alchemy sims or just those who enjoy a relaxing experience.

If Harry Potter potions are your favorite subject, this game may be for you. In Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator, there are no classes to attend led by Professor Snape, you already have your own shop that the whole town will soon depend on. On the other hand, although his role seems to be to cure all ills in the world, he doesn’t have any prior abilities. You can pick leaves, flowers, berries, roots and mushrooms from the garden and blindly grind them in a mortar, like good coffee, in the hope of unearthing a new healing recipe. The ingredients are then poured into the cauldron, mixed and heated. To help you, you have an alchemical map that, as you manipulate it, traces your route to draw the different effects. The selected ingredients point in different directions, so it’s up to you to find the right one. A rather unique crafting system in its own right. Along the way, you might even pick up a few skill points here and there that can improve your craft. Love potions, poison, healing, strength potions… discovering new recipes is always a treat, but it’s also quite elusive as your supply of ingredients is limited.

a cozy game

The interactions are physical, easy to execute and are set to the rhythm of music that is intended to be relaxing, although it can irritate your eardrum after a few hours. The setting clearly dates back a few centuries, as evidenced by the refined aesthetic inspired by medieval manuscripts.. Every day, shoppers flock to your store to find a solution to a sometimes vaguely explained problem, which makes the task even more interesting. Some of them seem to have nefarious intentions, leaving you to choose between being an honest shopkeeper or a nasty weasel looking to make money. In any case, all clients are extremely patient and allow you to navigate the game at your own pace; a relaxing sandbox experience that can easily fit into the category of “cozy” games.. Of course, there is still something at stake: you have to collect as much gold as possible to improve your shop and your equipment. The lifespan of this alchemy simulator easily reaches ten hours of gameplay.

Harry Potter fans, you will love this Xbox Game Pass game that is almost unanimous Harry Potter fans, you will love this Xbox Game Pass game that almost everyone agrees on

Disponible en Xbox Game Pass

Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator is available for the low price of €12.49 on Xbox, on the platform Steam and is also available in the Xbox Game Pass catalog.. And if you had the strange impression that it was already available, it is because it was indeed offered in early access from September 21, 2021. Over the months, the game has been expanded with a handful of updates that have enriched the game. Variety of characters and story paths. Please note that it is fully translated into French.

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