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Gangwon Unused Forest Biomass Clean Hydrogen Production and Utilization Special Zone and Jeonnam Eco-friendly HDPE Small Fishing Boat Special Zone have been designated as the 8th new regulation-free special zone to develop core technologies that will lead eco-friendly innovation.

On the 11th, the Special Regulation Free Zone Committee (hereinafter referred to as the ‘Special Zone Committee’) presided over by Prime Minister Han Deok-soo deliberated and decided on two new designation (proposals) of the 8th special zone and two additional projects (proposal) within the existing special zone.

Accordingly, Gangwon produces high-purity clean hydrogen from 800,000 tons of discarded wood each year, and Jeonnam manufactures small fishing boats made of 100% recyclable HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) material.

The regulation-free special zone is a system that grants special regulatory exceptions to new industries and new services discovered by local governments in non-metropolitan areas.

Accordingly, since the second half of last year, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups has been embodied in the 14 special zone projects desired by 10 local governments through consulting, expert meetings, and subcommittees to materialize the projects and supplement regulatory exceptions.

Unused forest biomass in Gangwon (clockwise from top left) and water removal equipment, HDPE pilot boats and FRP fishing boats in Jeonnam and abandoned status. (Photo = Office for Government Policy Coordination)

◆ 8th new regulation-free special zone designation

In Gangwon, high-purity (99.97%) clean hydrogen that can be used in hydrogen vehicles is produced using waste wood and forest by-products left in the forest as raw materials.

Meanwhile, Gangwon discovered a project to extract high-purity hydrogen in a stable and economical way using unused forest biomass as a raw material and the Cheoram Power Plant operated by Taebaek City.

In response, the government granted a regulatory exception so that hydrogen can be extracted from syngas separated from unused forest biomass, which is not specified as a raw material for hydrogen extraction under the current law.

Gangwon is expected to become a national clean hydrogen production hub by diversifying clean hydrogen production methods through this special zone designation.

Next, Jeonnam manufactures small fishing boats weighing less than 10 tons with low-cost, long-life and 100% recyclable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material to replace non-recyclable fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) materials.

Jeonnam has a fishing boat industry ecosystem that accounts for 43% of all small fishing boats in the country, but as the number of FRP boats that are left unrecycled is increasing, the eco-friendly material fishing boat business was discovered.

In response, the government granted a regulatory exception so that ships can be manufactured with HDPE material, which is not specified as a hull material under the current law.

Jeonnam is expected to create a new eco-friendly ship market ecosystem by establishing HDPE fishing boat structure standards through this special zone designation.

◆ Addition of previously designated regulation-free special zone demonstration project

The Busan Blockchain Special Zone uses blockchain technology to add a service that automatically claims loss insurance at the same time as treatment with only one patient consent in the app.

In particular, Pusan ​​National University Hospital, which played a leading role as a tertiary general hospital in the health information highway of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, participates as an operator and connects with about 100 hospitals and clinics in the Busan area.

In addition, it plans to block the possibility of leakage of personal medical information by using off-chain personal information destruction technology, which was the result of the Busan Blockchain Special Zone.

However, according to the Medical Law, corporations cannot receive medical information on behalf of patients, and each time a patient provides medical information to a representative, a consent form and a power of attorney must be completed.

As a result, corporations can represent patients, and patients have been granted a regulatory exception so that they can deliver medical information to their agents with only one consent for a set period of time.

Through this additional demonstration project, it is expected that claims for real-life insurance will be activated and benefits will increase, and the insurtech industry will also develop through standardization of medical and insurance information.

Along with this, the Jeonbuk Carbon Convergence Special Zone adds a demonstration of manufacturing a high-pressure detachable hydrogen container with twice the hydrogen charging capacity than the previous one using domestic carbon fiber.

The carbon fiber market is monopolized by a few countries such as Japan and the United States due to high technological barriers, but Jeonbuk is the only country in Korea that produces carbon fiber for hydrogen cylinders.

However, the current High Pressure Gas Safety Management Act limits the maximum charging pressure of a hydrogen charging container to 35 MPa, so a regulatory exception was granted to manufacture a hydrogen charging container with a maximum charging pressure of up to 70 MPa.

Through this additional demonstration project, it is expected that the hydrogen conversion of mobility such as construction machinery and ships, which have a high demand for mobile hydrogen charging, will be promoted.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Han Deok-soo congratulated the Special Zone for Regulation Freedom, which celebrated its 4th anniversary, and has achieved great results, such as attracting 4 trillion won in investment and creating 4,000 jobs in new industries.

He then urged, “In the future, please continue to lead innovation by combining the challenge spirit of the private sector with the government’s commitment to regulatory reform.”

Inquiries: Regulatory Innovation Team 2, Regulatory Innovation Planning Office, Office of Government Policy Coordination (044-200-2503), Special Zone Management Division, Special Zone Innovation Planning Team, Ministry of SMEs and Startups (044-204-7205)

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