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Geagea calls on sovereigns to elect a speaker to parliament.. and describes Bassil’s movement as a liar

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Thank you for reading the news about Geagea calls on sovereigns to elect parliament speaker, calls Bassil’s movement a liar and now we start with the details

Dammam – Sherif Ahmed – The head of the Lebanese Forces Party, Samir Geagea, described the Free Patriotic Movement as a stream of lies, while Geagea called on sovereigns and MPs opposed to electing a speaker of parliament. Our commitments to the people, and therefore I call on all representatives to go directly towards our goal, which is the actual change by changing the practice in the Parliament, starting with the process of electing the Speaker of Parliament.”

Describing Gibran Bassil and his movement as a liar, Geagea added, “Attention is directed towards the head of the current of lies, deception and fraud, to see how he deals with him (electing Nabih Berri), as he has continued for the past four years by saying that President Berri and his group (as long as he does not work) and that they are corrupt and (thugs). .

For his part, the elected representative of the Lebanese Forces Party, Pierre Bou Assi, affirmed his party’s determination to bear responsibility towards the state and the Lebanese people, and that the forces’ goal is to liberate the country. . Whatever the form of government, we will monitor it, hold it accountable, and watch how public money is spent. The time for turning corners and linking conflict and laxity in managing the country is over.”

Bou Assi added: “What has existed since 1990 until today has ended. The strong era that transformed itself into a weak era with the mania for cheap quotas is gone forever, and with the arrival of the “forces,” a new era begins. We are people who are strong with their conscience, clean hands, and their concern for the country and the people.”

Bou Assi said: “We challenged them and confirmed that we would recover the hostage, which angered them and pushed them with all force to obstruct us through the joint operations room between the Republican Palace and Haret Hreik (Hezbollah’s stronghold) and put them all the capabilities to stand in our way. It is not easy to stand in the face of the forces that blew like a storm and shook the chair and returned them to their rightful place in the sovereign line that defends Lebanon’s sovereignty, pluralism, democracy and the prosperity of its people.”

Bou Assi stressed that the role of Christians is linked to partnership and existence, not to the saying “I wanted and did not leave me.” He stressed the indifference to Gibran Bassil and his failure, which blackened the face of Lebanon among the peoples aspiring for democracy in the region and the world, because the concern of the “forces” is how to secure the future of our people.

The elected representative said: “We sacrifice ourselves and do not sacrifice public money, sovereignty or any responsibility that we will bear because it is a trust and not our property. We will not fail everyone who gave us the honor to represent him. Today we celebrate in Jezzine, in Deir al-Ahmar, in Zahle, in Tripoli and in all regions, as well as Baabda, including Haret Hreik, where we removed the yellow faces, lies and charlatans, and found the hostage seat and got it back. And we were not satisfied with preserving it only, but our goal is to challenge and liberate this country and preserve it from the greedy and most of them.”

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