Georges-Louis Bouchez: “How can we accept measures so different between the 3 regions?”

New measures were announced this Saturday for Brussels, after the federal government and Wallonia.

Lhe rebound of the coronavirus has prompted Belgium to tighten the screw. A consultation committee was held Thursday evening and announcements fell on Friday morning. Friday evening, Wallonia’s turn to impose a curfew. Brussels follows this Saturday and announces a series of decisions.

For the president of the MR, Georges-Louis Bouchez, this gap in the announcements is not acceptable. “Without attacking anyone, without arguing, just by being frank and lucid: we, political leaders, how can we accept measures so different between the 3 regions of such a small country when the overall hospital situation is so serious? “.

Jean-Michel Javaux (Ecolo) reacted on Twitter and took the example of Germany: “Belgium is a federal country, made up of 3 regions and 3 communities. Germany, another federal country, has been managing (rather well moreover) its health crisis for months with very proactive Landers and with different measures depending on the evolution of the pandemic. “


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