Georgina Fleur: She started training again shortly after she was born

Georgina Fleur
Shortly after giving birth, she started training again

Georgina Fleur recently became a mother for the first time.

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Georgina Fleur has been a mother for a few weeks. Nevertheless, the reality TV star has a slim figure again.

Just three weeks after Georgina Fleur (31) announced the birth of her daughter, the influencer is now showing her slim body. on She shared a photo on Instagram, on which she poses in front of the Burj Khalifa in her adopted home, Dubai. Her long legs and flat stomach immediately catch the eye. How does the reality TV star keep fit?

Fleur explained in her Instagram story on Saturday (September 25th). She’s meeting a personal trainer for the first time, according to the 31-year-old. The program includes back exercises and postnatal gymnastics. After the appointment, she was so motivated that she continued to train on her own. The young mother performs her exercises slowly and gently.

Georgina Fleur is “halfway satisfied” with her body

“I’m halfway satisfied and try to eat healthily. Because breastfeeding also means that I have to give the baby the nutrients. That’s why I’ve been cooking lately,” she also explained.

Just a few days ago, Fleur posed for an Instagram photo in a bikini and beamed into the camera. “I love being a mommy with every single heartbeat,” she wrote. “You look so happy” and “You are such a great mom” were just two of the many compliments in the comments.


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