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Ten days of the Clausura 2020 had to pass for the Argentine coach Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino He will confess which is his favorite team in the Mexican league.

‘Tata’ Martino pokes against the Concacaf League of Nations

The championship is detained before the coronavirus pandemic and in an interview with W Radio, the South American coach surprised to confirm that the club he likes the most is the Monarchs Morelia.

Martino, 57, was asked about his favorite squad of the season. “Today, the team I like the most is the Morelia,” he said.

The squad led by the Argentine Pablo Guede He ranks ninth in the general table with 14 points (4 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses).

It is worth mentioning that in Morelia players like Aldo Rocha, midfielder who has emerged as the best Mexican scorer with five goals, and the Chilean Martín Rodríguez, who seems to resume his level.

On the other hand, the ‘Tata‘spoke about the level that shows Lion because “it maintains its regularity” in the first positions and in addition to America, whom he considers a great team for his “constant presence in the league.”

Raúl Jiménez

On the front of the Wolverhampton English, Martino He explained that the Mexican is the one “held at the highest level” among all the legionaries.

Manchester United does not deny interest in Raúl Jiménez

Of course, the coach did not want to comment on the future of the footballer, who would be sought by clubs such as Manchester United Y Chelsea. ” He has had an important career, he has played in one of the most recognized teams in Spain (Atlético de Madrid), but now he is in a club where he looks comfortable, his relationship of trust with the coach is evident and he will decide what It will be the best for your future. ”



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