German Gang Rape Case in Mallorca: Shocking Details and Legal Actions

2023-07-17 15:45:12

Five of the six Germans who are accused of gang raping a young German vacationer in Mallorca have to be taken into custody, the sixth is released. The magistrate decided on Saturday evening.

On Saturday, the six Germans – all between 20 and 29 years old – appeared before the magistrate. He decided: Five of the men must be in custody. A release on bail was out of the question for the judge.- The sixth vacationer was released.

Pre-trial detention in Spain can last weeks or months. If convicted of rape, penalties of up to 12 years can be imposed.

The case causes a stir far beyond the borders of Spain: A young German met a man from Germany of about the same age at Ballermann on Playa de Palma on Thursday night. The two first wanted to go to his hotel room, but the receptionist would not let them through.

The two then moved to the hotel where his five friends had stayed. The two had consensual sex, as reported by the “Mallorca Zeitung”, citing the police. But then his friends are said to have joined him. Four of them forced the woman to have sex, one filmed.

According to the police, the woman fled to the bathroom. One of the men was able to calm her down and accompanied her back to the hotel where her friends were also staying. From there, the woman called the police. Five of the men were arrested on Thursday and the sixth on Friday.

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