German government loses credibility against virus

As with Portugal, the new wave of coronavirus is taking its toll on Germany and what until now was considered an impeccable management of the pandemic. The latest survey on the matter suggests that Only one in two Germans approve of the Government on how it is carrying out its strategy, which represents a fall of seven points compared to last October and no less than twenty-seven in relation to last March and April, when the epidemic began.

The survey, carried out by the YouGov demo company for the DPA news agency, was published this Saturday, just when the German health authorities began to distribute the first of the 350,000 doses of serum that the AstraZeneca company has sent them. The Ministry of Health positively valued the delivery of this consignment given the lack of supplies that its health centers were supporting to continue with the immunization campaign. So far, slightly less than 4% of the population has gone through this program. The AstraZeneca vaccine will exclude those over 65 years of age, who will be given the antiviral from Pfizer.

The shortage of doses is one of the causes that experts indicate for the fall of credibility of the Germans in the medical management of their Government, which until a few months ago was exemplary to the point of elevating Chancellor Angela Merkel to the best popularity levels of a head of the country’s government. The survey is blunt: apart from the aforementioned data, 19% of those surveyed say they are “very dissatisfied” with the management of the crisis and 26% are “rather dissatisfied”. The study was carried out between February 3 and 5, in full hangover from the controversy over the shortage of antivirals in Europe.

This data is also influenced by the worsening of the epidemic in recent weeks. If the collapse since October is taken into account as a frame of reference, it is from there, and especially in December and January, when the pandemic has caused its hardest ravages among the German population, with several days in which the lethality rose by over a thousand deaths. The latest figures provided this Saturday accounted for more than 10,500 infections and 700 deaths in the previous twenty-four hours; that is, during the day on Friday.

As a third element, the “Hard closure” that the Merkel Executive and the sixteen federal states have applied since November to try to contain the advance of the coronavirus and, especially, its new, more contagious strains. Thus, the Germans would be showing their weariness by the measures that keep a good part of the economic activity closed and mobility very restricted.

Merkel comes out still graceful

The Satisfaction with the government’s work continues to be higher among followers of the conservative CDU / CSU parties (70%), followed by voters of Los Verdes (67%), those of the German Social Democratic Party (SPD, 57%) and those of the Liberal Democratic Party (FDP%). On the contrary, only 45% of the supporters of the Left party positively value the crisis management, and among voters of the far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) this figure reaches only 16%. Despite everything, heThe results indicate that Merkel is still successful among her supporters, although she no longer has the same support from citizens of other signs politicians.

The derivative of the pandemic in Germany is the opening the debate on privatizations and the possibility of “reducing the state’s participation” in the capital of companies. It is the Minister of Economy, the conservative Peter Altmaier, who put this matter on the table yesterday, which is on the way to becoming a high-profile debate months before the next legislative elections are held next October, which will no longer be Merkel will attend as a candidate.

According to Altmaier, reducing contributions would improve the financing of public spending, triggered by the pandemic. His proposal has already caused disagreements between conservatives and Social Democrats.


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