German Health Minister Urges Caution and Vaccinations for a Safe Christmas Celebration

2023-12-11 09:50:17

German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach once again called for caution and to receive vaccinations before the Christmas celebration period, in light of the current wave of the Corona virus.

Lauterbach told the German weekly newspaper Bild am Sonntag in its Sunday issue: “The Corona virus remains dangerous. It is not a cold that one can contract without taking into account every season.”

The German minister added that the Corona virus also often affects the blood vessels or weakens the immune system, and thus it is often not completely recovered.

He recommended the necessity of receiving a dose of vaccination quickly during the coming days, and it is best to be vaccinated against Corona and influenza at the same time, in order to avoid contracting diseases during the Christmas celebration period.

The Standing Committee on Vaccinations in Germany recommends receiving vaccinations against Corona or booster doses for people over the age of 60 and people at risk, such as those with chronic diseases.

The German minister also recommended that “it is better to wear masks again on buses and trains,” and added that he prefers to work from home if that is possible. He also stressed that “it is better to dispense with large Christmas celebrations in closed places.”

The German minister continued in his recommendations that it is better to take a quick Corona test in case of doubt, “before meeting elderly people or sick people,” and said: “Avoiding infection is an additional gift for Christmas.”

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