Germany: The loser knitting, the n°9 emerge victorious from the meeting

Football is a sport that is played 11 against 11 and in the end, somehow, Germany is still alive after a start of screwed up world cup. And it is not so much to the draw against Spain (1-1) as to the alignment of the stars in the sky of Doha that the Mannschaft owes its survival. Sunday afternoon, Japan lost against Costa Rica and avoided to the Germans the cutthroat scenario: if the Samouraï Blue had won, their first victim would have had to beat La Roja to stay in the game. The misfortune of some, the happiness of others, you know the song.

In this fairly lenient multiverse, the Germans are still last in their group, but with a chance of extricating themselves from this quagmire at the cost of a success against Costa Rica. While praying for Spain to do the trick against Japan. Funny little scene in the mixed zone: in the middle of a flash-interview, Dani Carvajal was interrupted by Antonio Rudiger, who came to ask him to beat the Japanese in the last match to fix the affairs of the Mannschaft. He is not the only one to have had the idea of ​​lobbying.

David Raum, Dani Olmo’s teammate in Leipzig, also did his bit. “Yes, he told me too, laughs the Spaniard. We will win this match against Japan, because if we win, we will be sure to be in the round of 16. A somewhat shaky argument, La Roja being of the four teams the one with the least chance of falling by the wayside. Still the leader of her group, she is however not as sovereign as one might imagine.

Spain = Knitting, work, sleep

The impression of tactical and technical mastery released in the first period by the players of Luis Enrique However, they made a strong impression on us during the first hour of play. Busquets’ slippers, Pedri’s body feints and Gavi’s grinta made us see in this Spain a serious rival for France. And if even Alvaro Morata starts to be decisive, popopo, we won’t tell you.

The problem, and our Spanish colleagues kept repeating it in the corridors of the Al Bayt stadium, is that this team lacks the bottle in key positions. Having very technical young people is good for knitting. To kill a match or break its rhythm when it escapes us, it is less obvious. A moved thought for Asensio’s failure on the 2-0 ball which would have made it possible to bend the mess, and which neither Carvajal nor Rodri failed to raise after the meeting.

“We have to keep our calm in the last meters, have long possessions, notes Dani Olmo. They were as tired as us, we should have made them run a little more, and stay calm. »

Flick proud of his soldiers

Easier said than done, especially when Hansi Flick decides to switch to Bayern Munich mode after Alvaro Morata’s opener. Despite a mountain of technical waste unworthy of their supposed level, the Germans took advantage of the opponent’s softness to win duels and settle in the red camp until the goal of Füllkrug. “I am proud, moved Hansi Flick. They are warriors on the pitch, they play with their hearts. Germany showed a really good mentality and we are all happy in the staff that we managed to turn the game around. If we keep this momentum going, and build up more confidence, then a lot will be possible. “Like winning a game.

More beautiful life with numbers 9

A little tactical observation to finish. The two formations clashed without a real striker at kick-off. A form of tribute to the indelible mark left by the passage of Pep Guardiola in these two great football nations. But humility must push never to imitate the great masters, at the risk of falling into caricature. Asensio on the one hand and Gnabry gave no satisfaction to their respective coaches. So we had to go back to the old method. A number 9, a real one, and as long as it goes behind. Bingo, both scored. Like what it’s good too, not to always reinvent football.

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