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2023-10-02 07:10:00

Every Monday at 1 p.m. and 7 p.m., Jean-Marc Passeron receives a personality from the Southern Alps on Like Radio in figures d’ici.

Objective to take a look at his current affairs, the files he is responsible for but also better discover his personality, including in song!

This Monday, September 25, Marcel Cannat, mayor of Réotier and Vice-President of the Hautes-Alpes Departmental Council in charge of roads who was our guest.

The one who is also president of SDIS 05 (the firefighters), gave a broad overview over the course of an hour’s broadcast.

The roads with the work in progress in Queyras, the very significant development of the Avance valley but also the famous Gap ring road or even the complicated project of recovering the management of national roads…and the development of the Avance valley

Listen Below

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