Get Ready for Killing Floor 3: The Ultimate Zombie FPS Experience at Gamescom 2023

2023-08-22 19:50:36
2023-08-23 03:50 Gaming Corner Taro was on the opening night scene of Gamescom, the American developer Tripwire Interactive released the new violent FPS series “Killing Floor 3” (Killing Floor 3) for the first time. Zombies, players will fight against hordes of undead. The developer claims that it will be available as soon as the end of 2024, and it is expected to land on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam and Epic Games Store. The official website is released simultaneously (click me). The pictures in the trailer are as bloody as the previous one. It has been seven years since “Killing Floor 2”. The background of the new work is set in 2091. The Zeds, an army of bioengineered monsters, will play the role of the rebel group “Nightfall,” trying to save the future of humanity. The trailer reveals a short section of the real machine screen, and shows more sci-fi scenes, and the screen is more realistic than the previous game. Considering that the enemies are a group of biochemical monsters, players may face large-scale fierce battles. Killing Floor 3 Zombie FPS Gamescom Shooter Recommended Articles
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