Get to know the star of temptation who had a forbidden relationship with Kamal El-Shennawy.. and she disappeared completely after the Adel Imam won’t imagine who she is?

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The artist, Manal Afifi, is considered the most famous seductive actress in Egyptian cinema in the nineties of the last century.

Due to her bold roles that depended on the excitement of movements and nudity in a number of films in which she participated.

Manal Afifi was born on May 27, 1971, she joined the Conservatoire, but she left it to join the Institute of Dramatic Arts.

She presented her first work through the series “Zaman Ayesh”, with the artist Hussein Fahmy and Saeed Abdel Ghani, and her first cinematic work was through her participation in the movie “The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful” in 1994,

With the artist Nour El Sherif, Farid Shawky and Elham Shaheen, after that, her work moved between cinema, theaters and television.

Manal Afifi was known for embodying roles that depend on temptation, and among the most prominent of these works is her role in the movie “Asphalt Goblins”, in 1996,

With the artist Mahmoud Hamida, Salwa Khattab and Abdullah Mahmoud and the movie “The Goblin of the Day” in 1997 with Nour El-Sharif, Hassan Hosni and Elham Shaheen, and the movie “Speech in the Forbidden” in 2000, starring Nour El-Sharif, Majed Al-Masry and Magda Zaki.

Another of her films is “The Closed Doors”, in 2000, in which she presented the character of Hana, who is having an illegal relationship with her friend’s son,

She won the award for the best actress in a second role in the framework of the international competition of the Alexandria International Film Festival for this film, and among the most famous seductive roles that she also presented is her role in the movie “Al-Wad Mahrous Beta Al-Wazir” with the artist Adel Imam,

Where she was flirting with the artist Kamal El-Shennawy and having an illegal relationship with him, and her last work was the movie “Daughters of the City”, in 2005, with the actresses Menna Shalaby and Hend Sabry, and after this work she disappeared from the art scene.

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