giant asteroid It travels 13 times faster than a bullet, and it flies past the Earth.

news site New York Post Reports that the United States Aerospace Administration (NASA) is monitoring the arrival of asteroid 2008 AG33 with a diameter of 2,560 feet (about 780 m), or nearly double the size of the asteroid 2008 AG33.Empire State Building Which will move through the world on Thursday, April 28, 2022.

According to data from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory ofNASA 2008 AG33 It is traveling at speeds of 23,300 miles per hour. Or 13 times faster than a bullet. It is estimated that it will pass the Earth within 2 million miles, which is considered a potentially dangerous distance. However, it is believed that this transit will not have any impact on the planet.

2008 AG33 was discovered in 2008 by several asteroid observers of the Observatory. ‘Sky Center’ on Mount Lemmon in arizona It has traveled through the world in March 2015 and is expected to pass through it again every seven years.

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