Gisela Valcárcel had a Christmas lunch and Melissa Paredes was notably absent from the celebration VIDEO the great show Farándula | SHOWS

They didn’t invite her? shared a pleasant moment with the workers of GV Productions. Through social networks it was possible to see how the collaborators and different public figures attended the entertainment.

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However, despite the fact that the participants of ‘The great show’ attended the lunch; Melissa Paredes was one of those absent from the Christmas party, as could be seen on Gisela’s official Instagram account.

In the photographs, the presence of Janet Barboza, Etherl Pozo, Armando Tafur, Edson Dávila and Brunella Horas stood out. In addition to the juries and ex-participants of the dance reality show.

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Milena Zárate, Tilsa Lozano, Gino Pesaressi, Santiago Suárez and Apoteósico, were some of the guests who were also at the reception. However, Melissa Paredes could not be seen in any photograph, despite the fact that she reached the end of ‘El gran show’.

On the other hand, Gisela offered a few words for Janet Barboza, Brunella and her daughter, Ethel Pozo. “With the queens of posting, of the networks”said the television host.


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