GISMETEO: Auto brands from India and Uganda can replace European cars in Russia – Auto

Not only Indian automakers may appear in the domestic car market Tata and Mahindrabut also cars of African brands.

Mahindra XUV300 © Art Konovalov /

Residents of the Russian Federation could be interested in an Indian citycar To install Bajaj Qute. Under the hood of this compact car lies a 13-horsepower 0.2-liter engine, which is combined with a robotic gearbox.

We have already sold mini-cars a few years ago, but they were not in demand. According to experts, a new attempt may be more successful.

Bajaj Qute © Harismoyo /

An alternative to the Indian state employee exists in the African automotive industry. Moreover, for Russian roads, it seems to be more adapted. This is the company model. Kira. The model range of the brand includes a compact hatchback EV and its premium version EV Smack. A standard electric car on a single charge will cover about 80 km, and its maximum speed reaches 100 km/h.

Kira EV © Kiira Motors Corporation

The second model is a hybrid type BMW i3. The ICE here performs the functions of a generator. The power reserve of this model reaches 500 km.

Kiira EV Smack © Kiira Motors Corporation

Uganda recently became a partner of the Russian KamAZ: the automobile concern will supply its trucks there. Probably, the exchange of cars will be arranged in the opposite direction. So it will get to Russia and Kira.

Kiira EV Smack © Kiira Motors Corporation

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