Givenchy continues its collaboration with artist Chito by auctioning 15 NFTs.

After a joint collection of clothes, Givenchy and Chito are strengthening their partnership by launching a series of 15 NFTs auctioned on November 23 for charity.

The solidarity NFTs of Givenchy x Chito.

While SM-ART has just unveiled an operation NFT and NFA in the colors of Patek Philippe, it’s Givenchy’s turn to present a series of digital creations. Imagined by Matthew M. Williams, Creative Director of Givenchy, in collaboration with artist Chito, these 15 digital works of art echo the clothing, shoes and accessories capsule launched by the two entities as part of the Printemps collection. / Summer 2022.

The NFTs, which here represent characters made with an airbrush, will be on sale today on the platform. OpenSea. via an auction which runs until November 29.

On the site dedicated to this initiative, Givenchy specifies that all NFTs are hosted on Polygon – an environmentally friendly network compatible with Ethereum – while all profits from the sale will go to “The Ocean Cleanup”, an NGO that develops technologies to extract plastic from oceans and rivers.

This is not the first time that Givenchy has set up NFTs with solidarity aims. Last summer, the Beauty division of the house presented 1,952 NFT works co-designed with the artist group Rewind Collective, the Amar Singh Gallery and in collaboration with the specialized platform Veve. Intended to be marketed for six days, the creations had passed in just two seconds and had raised some 108,000 euros. This sum was then donated to the MAG Jeunes association in order to finance support and accompaniment actions in favor of young people from LGBTQIA + communities.


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