Gjon’s Tears: The Rising Star’s Debut Album “The Game” and Collaborations with Zazie and Ibrahim Maalouf

2023-05-03 16:15:49

In 2012, the country discovered the young Gjon in the program “La Suisse a unincredible talent”. Still a teenager, he sang “I love you” by Lara Fabian and impressed the public and the jury. Then the years pass.

After remarkable passages in the French program “The Voice” in 2019 where he reached the semi-final, then as a representative of Switzerland during the Eurovision contest in 2021 in which he obtained third place, Gjon’s Tears released his first album called “The Game”. A disc with pop and melancholic colors in which the Kosovar native from Friborg reveals the extent of his clear, high-pitched and powerful voice.

The puzzle of a lifetime

Recorded between Paris, London and Berlin, “The Game” is a disc showing the multiple facets of Gjon’s Tears, from disco music (“Disco”) to his Kosovar roots (“Babi”). “The album is about the duality between life and death, explains the artist to RTS. I see life as a game, because it is a series of cycles. Each song represents a theme. For example, ‘The Game’, which opens the album, is about ecology. As this is my first album, I wanted it to fully present who I am. This album is the puzzle of my life.”

“With Eurovision, I had the chance to show this facet of me which is tender, gentle. But when I play in theaters in Switzerland, I show a more rock and more pop side. That’s what I tried to build into this album,” continues Gjon’s Tears.

>> To watch: the clip for “Pure” from the album “The Game”, with guest Géraldine Chaplin

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Distinguished guests

Two French-speaking artists have added their touch to “The Game”. One is Zazie, an artist whom Gjon’s Tears admires and whom he met while appearing on “The Voice.” “It was around the semi-final that I had the opportunity to tell him of my admiration for his work and to offer him to write with me”, recalls Gjon’s Tears in a interview for Le Matin. When the young singer asks her to collaborate, she replies: “It’s not because you know how to sing that you know how to write and compose. Send me a recording, I’ll answer you.” She accepts a few minutes later. The result is the song “Un coeur qui grogne”, written by Zazie.

Another celebrity present on the album, the Franco-Lebanese trumpet player Ibrahim Maalouf. Her instrument resonates in the song “Cancer”, dedicated to a friend of Gjon’s Tears who died before she could hear her.

A multilingual pen

According to the titles, Gjon’s Tears sings sometimes in French, sometimes in English. Questioned by the RTS, he explains his choice: “I find that French has this extraordinary beauty of being able to be extremely direct and frontal. It allows me to talk about subjects with a stronger power than English. On the other hand, the English has a lot of vowels. It’s very easy to wander around when you sing melodies. There’s also a lightness that I have more trouble finding in French. I’m still looking for my pen and English makes the job easier.”

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Gjon’s Tears, “The Game” (Jo&Co).

In concert at the Caribana Festival, Crans-près-Céligny (VD), June 8, 2023.

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