[GOAL LIVE] ’10th goal’ Gyu-seong Jo “I want to play against Marquinos against Brazil, no, Thiago Silva”

In the match against Seoul, Kyu-Sung Jo, who had been using a field goal for a long time, said he would like to face Thiago Silva in a friendly match against Brazil.

[골닷컴, 상암] Reporter Kim Hyeong-joong = Kim Cheon-sang-moo’s Jo Kyu-seong succeeded in scoring his 10th goal of the season after tasting a field goal after a long time. Thanks to Jo Kyu-seong’s performance, Kim Cheon scored a valuable point in FC Seoul away.

On the afternoon of the 28th, Kimcheon drew 2-2 against Seoul in the away match of Hana One Q K League 1 2022 Round 15 held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. In the first half, Palošević conceded a goal, but in the second half, Jo Kyu-seong scored the equalizer. Then, Lee Sang-min conceded a goal, but at the last minute, Jeong Seung-hyeon balanced the game and drew a draw.

Jo Kyu-seong scored his 10th goal in the league, scoring double-digits in 15 matches. He also scored a field goal that had stopped after the 8th round Seongnam match, adjusting his goal sense before the national team call.

After the game, Jo Kyu-seong, who was interviewed by the distinguished player, said, “I’m happy that it came out well and I’m glad that it came out well in terms of play.” He also smiled, saying, “I recently lost 2 in a row and the flow was not good, so I wanted to win.

Jo Kyu-seong, who scored a multi-goal in a home match against Seoul in March, showed a strong side to Seoul until today’s goal. He explained, “I think my body is good when I play against Seoul. I was confident from the moment I warmed up, and before going to the national team, I thought it would be good if I could score a goal. I think those things are connected with confident play.”

Cho Kyu-seong, who was selected on the A-match Bentoo roster this June, has four straight fights against the strong team. He said, “It is an honor to play with world-class players. If I participate, I want to feel it with my body.” As a defender he would like to play against, he said, “I want to try with Marquinos,” and then laughed and said, “There is Thiago Silva. Please correct it with Silva.”

In this national team roster, there are only two strikers, Jo Kyu-sung and Hwang Ui-jo. Since there are only two strikers, I wonder if there is a sense of competition from the outside. However, Jo Gyu-seong said, “Rather than a competitor, he is a player I need to learn. He is a senior I have seen a lot since I was young and I respect. Every time I go to the national team, I think about how I can learn more.”

As a striker in charge of scoring, it must have been different to see Son Heung-min, who took the top scorer in the Premier League this season. Regarding this, he said, “Because I am the top scorer, I feel calm in front of the goal and I have my own abilities. I think about how I can help in the national team. Because there are things I am good at, I also think about how to create synergy.” expected

Regarding Son Heung-min’s free use of both feet, he said, “If you only use your right foot, there is a 50% chance, but if you use both feet, it’s really an advantage.

Photo = Korea Professional Football Federation

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