Goalkeeper from Quillón will compete in Mexico after leading the Keeper Kombat Tournament at the Quilamapu Complex – La Discusión 2024-04-22 08:13:34

The goalkeeper from Quillón, who trains at the P40 Archer Training Academy, Enoc Sanhueza, led all competitors in the Keeper Kombat Tournament, held on Saturday night, at the Quilamapu Sports Complex, with the support of sports infrastructure. and logistics, of the Municipality of Chillán.

Sanhueza won the exclusive place to represent Chile in the world final of this modality, which will be held in Mexico in the month of June.

“It is an honor to represent my country in the Keeper Kombat Mexico World Cup. I’ve played archery all my life, but last year I started in Keeper Kombat, but it went poorly. So I trained, I dedicated myself. I went to Puerto Montt and it went well. I went to the MC! in Santiago and I was fourth, but now I was the thorn in my side and I won in Chillán. I hope to go far and win the World Cup,” confessed Sanhueza.

The competition brought together more than one hundred participants in categories 6-8, 9 to 11, 12 to 14, 15 to 17, seniors 35 and older and all competitors up to 35 years old.

Claudio Lara. from Río Bueno, led the under-15 series. “It was a wonderful experience. Happy to have won and for the prize, which is a test in Deportes Temuco,” commented Lara.

Little Ángel Ponce was the winner of the 6-8 year old series and his father, Ernesto, led the senior series for 35 years, both, like Enoc Sanhueza, from Academia P40.

“It is a nice opportunity for archers to show their skills. So congratulations to Rinat and the Municipality of Chillán for managing this event in Chillán,” declared Ernesto Ponce.

The coordinator of the activity, Patricio Garcés, representative of Rinat Chile, emphasized that “great training is being done with the goalkeepers. Chillán is becoming the venue for major sporting events like this one. I thank Mayor Camilo Benavente for the support he has given us in infrastructure and logistics with his entire team.”

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