Gold medal in the relay for Charles Hamelin’s last race

The new six-time Olympic medalist was supported by Jordan Pierre-Gilles, Steven Dubois and Pascal Dion. The Canadian quartet concluded their stint in 6 min 41 s 257/1000.

« It’s the end of a good time for me. I started with silver in Turin, I finish with gold with these guys that I love like my brothers. It’s incredible! »

A quote from Charles Hamelin

I think we can all agree that it was the perfect time. Once the race was on, I had no doubt that we were going to wincontinued Pierre-Gilles.

The South Koreans (6:41.679) took the silver medal, while the Italians (6:43.431) narrowly edged the ROC skaters by nine thousandths of a second to take the bronze.

Third at the start of the race, the representatives of the Maple Leaf climbed to 2nd place with about twenty laps to go, before taking the lead the next day. Canada made excellent stints throughout the event to maintain its advantageous position until the finish line.

We had a plan to be really fast at the end, so we saved energy at the start. When we found ourselves at the front, there was no tomorrow. They tried to catch us, and they couldn’texplained Hamelin before sharing a giggle with his teammates.

The Canadian torchbearers are back on the top step of the podium for the first time since the Vancouver Games in 2010. Hamelin also won silver in Turin in 2006 and bronze in Pyeongchang in 2018 in this event .

Individually, the 37-year-old veteran also won gold in the 500m in Vancouver and the 1,500m in Sochi.

The Canadian 5000m relay team is living a dream

Photo : Getty Images / Dean Mouhtaropoulos

The relay triumph also punctuates the incredible performance of Steven Dubois at his first Olympic Games. Like long track skater Isabelle Weidemannthe Quebecer will leave Beijing with one medal of each color in his suitcases.

We wanted so badly to prove that we were the best, and we did. It’s one of the most beautiful moments of my lifesaid the winner of the silver in the 1500m and the bronze in the 500m in China.

Among Canadian legends

Relatives and friends of Charles Hamelin are jubilant after the latter has just ended his Olympic career with a gold medal.

The Lévisien thus became the most decorated athlete in the history of the country at the Winter Games, tied with long track speed skater Cindy Klassen, thanks to her collection of six medals.

His four gold crowns also allowed him to enter a select club. Only hockey players Caroline Ouellette, Jayna Hefford and Hayley Wickenheiser have as many Olympic titles at the Winter Games.

Previously, Hamelin shared the national medal record for a short track specialist with François-Louis Tremblay and Marc Gagnon.

No Canadian athlete has won more medals at the Games, summer or winter, than swimmer Penny Oleksiak. The 21-year-old Ontario native has been on the Olympic podium seven times so far.

Disappointment in the 1500m for Canada

Kim Boutin, Courtney Sarault and Danaé Blais were unable to qualify for the 1500m final.

Choi Min-jeong of South Korea (2:17.789) climbed to the top step of the podium after setting an Olympic record in the semifinals. Italian Arianna Fontana (2:17.862) won the silver medal and Dutch Suzanne Schulting (2:17.865) the bronze.

Speed ​​skater Kim Boutin rubs her hands after a race.

Kim Boutin is at peace with herself

Photo: afp via getty images / MANAN VATSYAYANA

In the semi-finals, Boutin, bronze medalist in the 500 m, took 3rd place in his wave. Despite a well-negotiated race, she was unable to resist an attack from the Italian Arianna Fontana on the last lap.

« Eight months ago, I was not happy and I thought of retiring from the sport. I didn’t expect such incredible Games, I’m proud of myself. »

A quote from Kim Boutin

Courtney Sarault could have reached the final as the best 3rd, but the Dutch Xandra Velzeboer beat her by 13 thousandths of a second.

I missed the grand finale by a toe. It was disappointing because I was really hoping for a medal today. I’m still proud of myself, because I wasn’t in the best physical and mental shape two days ago.pointed out the 21-year-old New Brunswicker, in reference to her condition after 4th place for Canada in the relay.

Boutin and Sarault had however easily won their respective wave of the quarter-finals.

As for Danaé Blais, her first Olympic race did not go as planned. The 22-year-old skater fell in the quarters when she attempted an inside pass.

I let myself be surprised. I had the idea to go a little further ahead, but hey. The girl from Kazakhstan hooked me, but since I was 4th, I was not advancedshe explained.

I showed that I have a lot to work on, and that motivates me for four years from now.added Blais.

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