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Gold price expectations in Egypt during December 2021 .. Video

Where is he heading? gold This month, how is the price index, and are we witnessing a new rise for gold, or will the market close this year with a clear decline, all of these questions are answered by the markets program in a new episode.

The Aswaaq program touched on the developments of the precious metal over the course of a week in the global stock exchanges, where they recorded gold ounce 1783 dollars as the closing price for this week, and the ounce witnessed many movements this week and fluctuated between ups and downs.

The price of gold in Egypt It may move in two tracks this month. The first expectations are for the precious metal to decline to levels that may drop to 750 pounds per gram, with expectations of global gold falling below $1,700. There are 3 reasons that support the market’s trend towards the downside, the first of which is the nomination of Jerome Powell as Chairman of the Monetary Reserve, which is One person supports an upcoming interest rate hike, the second is a downward trend in the US unemployment rate, and the third is the US Federal Reserve’s tendency to reduce support programs.

gold prices It has another path, which is the rise in the event that the first scenario does not occur, and there are several factors that may support the rise scenario, the first of which is the continuation of the negative impact of the new Corona mutator on the economy “Omicron”, the second element, which is the possibilities of the closure returning again due to the new mutation and finally the continuation of the inflation wave, which are factors that may It pushes gold to record levels of 1830 dollars, which may rise in gold in Egypt to 805 pounds per gram of 21 karat or 810 pounds.


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