Gold price next week looks volatile, keep an eye on ‘Fed’ to raise interest rates

President of the Gold Traders Association Look at the price of gold next week fluctuates. Fed meeting to raise interest rates keep an eye on the baht

Mr. Jitti Tangsitpakdee Prime Minister Gold Traders Association Estimate next week Gold prices are likely to remain volatile. From the meeting of the US Federal Reserve or the Fed to raise interest rates. But it is expected that the increase will not be very high. Because the US economy is still unclear recovery

while the exchange rate of the baht There is still constant volatility. As a result, it may affect the gold price in the country by still need to be closely monitored

However, looking at next week’s range of 1,775-1,825 dollars per ounce. which at the end of the year There is still a possibility that the price of gold may move past the level of $ 1,800 an ounce.

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