González Pirez’s message for the Superclásico: “Let’s hope…”

In the run-up to Super classic in between River and Bocathe defender Leandro González Pirez spoke exclusively with TNT Sports and sent a message to the fans.

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From 3:30 p.m. the ball will roll at the Mario Alberto Kempes Stadium to start a new edition of the Superclásico between River and Boca.

In this sense, exclusively with TNT Sports, Leandro González Pirez spoke about the match and talked about everything in a bit with journalist Maxi Grillo.

“I think that internally we feel an improvement, we feel comfortable. The idea is that we continue to grow, we have very important things to play for the rest of the year, so I think that we are finding the sensations that we like is something positive,” the defender began.

Then, he talked about the moment of the two: “We both arrived on an upswing, both teams started half undecided, but we are more mature and more focused on many things, so we hope that a nice game will come out, that people can enjoy that After a long time there may be two fans, let’s hope that we are all responsible, both the people, the players, the referees and we can put on a nice show,” he stated.

Later he referred to the message that they can give to the little ones, as is the case of Claudio ‘Diablito’ Echeverri: “The responsibility lies with the 11, due to individualities or characteristics some take more roles than others, but the 11 of us are responsible for attack, defend and represent the team on the field. We tell them to enjoy, to have fun, that this is something unique. It is a match that cannot be found anywhere in the world and having both fans there is good for Argentine football, let’s hope to be responsible and enjoy a party.”

River’s starting 11 vs. Mouth

Franco Armani; Andrew Herrera, Leandro Gonzalez, Paulo Diaz, Enzo Diaz; Ignatius Fernandez, Rodrigo Villagra, Rodrigo Aliendro; Claudio Echeverri; Facundo Colidio and Michael Borja.

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