Government “Post-Omicron system to be announced next week along with distance adjustments”

The government announced that it would announce a ‘post-omicron response system’ next week along with a social distancing adjustment plan, which aims to make quarantine and medical care routine.

At a regular briefing today, Sohn Young-rae, head of the social strategy division of the Central Accident Resolving Headquarters, said, “We are discussing internally so that the announcement of the ‘Post Omicron Response System’ can be announced along with the social distancing adjustment plan next week if possible.”

The post-Omicron response is expected to include specific measures to convert the quarantine and medical system tailored to emergency situations back to the daily system.

“We will discuss the adjustment plan to be applied after the end of the current social distancing,” Son added.

In addition, regarding the request for permission to eat and drink at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul by the Presidential Transition Committee, he said, “I will establish an improvement plan as it is determined that it is necessary to review,” he said.

Regarding the plan to lower the current highest grade, ‘Level 1’, the infectious disease level of Corona 19 to Level 2, Chairman Son explained, “We are reviewing details such as specific timing, food treatment, adjustment of inpatient treatment costs, and protection measures for high-risk groups.”

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