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Ilaria Salis will be a candidate with Avs in the next European elections. After days of rumors and denials, a note released in the evening made the decision official. “The Green and Left Alliance in agreement with Roberto Salis – explain Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli – has decided to nominate his daughter Ilaria, detained in Hungary, in conditions that seriously violate people’s rights, on its lists in the next European elections. The groups managers are working to define the methods of the operation, aimed “at protecting the rights and dignity of a European citizen, also from the inertia of the Italian authorities to obtain a rapid release from prison in favor of house arrest denied with the latest decision by the Hungarian judges”, the two Avs spokespersons make clear.

We are nominating her, Salis on Bonelli's list and Fratoianni: the last saint of the left

The Italian teacher who has been in prison for 13 months in Hungary accused of having participated in an attack against a group of far-right militants should lead the party of Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli as the leader in the North West. If elected, the 39-year-old from Monza will be able to enjoy the immunity afforded to MEPs and therefore face the trial (she risks a sentence of up to 24 years in prison) as a free person. In case of election she “should be immediately released from prison and the trial in Hungary suspended for the entire duration of the mandate”, confirms LaPresse the 39-year-old’s Italian lawyer Eugenio Losco. In the two hearings that have taken place so far, Salis was brought to the courtroom in Budapest with chains on her wrists and shackles on her feet and the opposition expressed themselves in unison to request government intervention. The teacher’s candidacy had also been hypothesized in recent weeks by the Democratic Party. The distinctions made to Elly Schlein by some areas of the party had not convinced Salis, who then decided to accept the proposal received by Bonelli and Fratoianni who had flown to Budapest together with Ilaria Cucchi to attend the last hearing. “The idea – the two insist – is that around the candidacy of Ilaria Salis a great and generous battle can be generated so that the European Union defends the principles of the Rule of Law and reaffirms the inviolability of fundamental human rights throughout its territory and in each of the member states. Ours is a gesture that can serve to denounce uncivilized methods of detention, especially towards those who are still awaiting trial”.

Cyclone Giordano on Cappellini: And Toni Negri?, sparks on Salis

The reactions from the center-right were not long in coming. Salis’s candidacy “I don’t think it changes anything with respect to the work that the government is doing, and which I think it must guarantee – says Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni clearly – I have already said that the politicization of this matter, in my opinion, I don’t know how much it helps the resolution of the case in itself, then obviously everyone makes the choices they want to make, and particularly those that concern Ilaria Salis I don’t allow myself to judge them”. “Well… It’s the beauty of democracy – echoes Matteo Salvini – How much I would like a discussion on the future of Italy and Europe between Ilaria Salis and General Roberto Vannacci, if he were to accept the candidacy with the League”.

Meanwhile, work is in full swing in all the parties to close the lists. Today the members of the M5S voted online to participate in the selection of candidates, tomorrow Emma Bonino and Matteo Renzi will present the lists of the United States of Europe (even if the IV leader could decide not to run himself), while on Sunday it will be the Democratic Party’s turn. “The management will vote on the lists, the work is in the home stretch. There will be no need for ‘second periods’ or new meetings”, assure authoritative Democratic sources working on the dossier. “The deadline for submitting the lists is April 30th and we will approve them on the 21st, 10 days earlier – the same sources point out – unlike what was done in the two previous European elections when the Democratic Party arrived within 24 hours of the deadline and unlike what the other parties are doing there are particular tensions and everything is proceeding as normal.” Many are awaiting the choice of Schlein, who – according to the latest rumors – could run as leader in the Center and in the Islands.

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