Grammy sends “Isra Isarapong”, a young country singer, civil servant down to compete for the Lukthung market in the central region hope to cheer fans

After Grammy Gold dominates the Isan Lukthung market for a long time Whether it’s Mike Piromporn, Siriporn Amphaiphong, Tai Orathai, Phai Phongsathorn, Monkan, Kaen Koon, to the latest era, Tri Chainarong, beer Phrom Phong, Lam Ploen Wongsakorn, Belle Nipada, etc. During that time, Grammy Gold also made the market. Lukthung, central region Continually launched with Prince Lukthung, Got Chakrabhand, Grasshopper Chonlada, Paowalee Phonphimon, etc. until reaching the era of Isara Isaraphong, a country artist whose Grammy intends to make an engagement to become the heart of the central region. We will see an overwhelming response from fans every time “Isra Isarapong” gives a concert until it is a familiar picture. with a garland full of cash full sleeve cash flower bouquet

Isra Isarapong is a talented young country singer. with a 14-time championship degree from the Battle of Wan Duel Song Currently serving as a composer international orchestra Office of Sangkhet, Fine Arts Department. Recently, Grammy Gold sent a full album of 5 songs of Isara Isarapong in the album “Kan Noi Khoi Wassana” by releasing the first song. “Will pay for it” was able to climb to the number 1 radio chart for up to 2 weeks. Not only that. As soon as the second song was released, “Love, Rest,” was able to pursue the first song. Make the music video hit a million views. completed within a week and the third song “one for the nation Hearts for you”, which has just been released for a week, is climbing the ranks. and dominate the hearts of the listeners now from such a phenomenon demonstrate Lukthung fans in the central region Give affection and open to this young civil servant singer. Maybe it’s because the content of the songs in the album were composed from the real life of Isra, a low salary man who has always been doing his best. Until today, where cuteness, fighting for life, combined with a unique tone Make Isra’s song enter the heart of the fans We will still see the image of the steering wheel overflowing the neck as usual. It’s increasing day by day, especially the Isra Isarapong Grammy Gold page, which has an increase of more than 10,000 followers per month.

Isra Isarapong revealed, “First of all, I would like to thank Gmm Grammy elders for giving me the opportunity to make this album out. And thanks to fans across the country that Isra went to play concerts. gave mercy to Isra and all fans who follow Isra’s page For every song on the album low salary waiting for luck Most of the music teachers compose songs from Isra’s life. Isra is a person who likes to sing since childhood. Which has been supported by the family who will continue to push Isra to enter the singing contest on various stages. To accumulate experience and develop singing abilities Every stage of the contest has always given Isra a great opportunity. and has stepped in as an artist Has his own solo song with a dream record label like Grammy Gold and has also used this ability to take the civil service exam as a composer international orchestra Office of Music, Fine Arts Department, which is a profession that Isra is very proud Make Isra have a lovely fan. Isra would like to thank you all once again. that makes every song and every music video of Isra released Both the number 1 chart and the MV from this album has passed a million views. Please support all 5 songs in the album. “Low salary, waiting for luck” of Isra as well. There are both MV and lyrics format. You can listen to it today on the Grammy Gold Official YouTube channel.”
➢ MV for the nation, heart for you
➢ MV Love, Rest, Rest
➢ MV will pay for it

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