Great Britain: Protests against migration paralyze truck traffic in Dover

IIn the English port of Dover, a few dozen people demonstrated against immigration. About 50 people waved English flags and displayed banners. It read: “Stop the invasion” and “Defend our borders”.

Trucks that wanted to cross the English Channel to France jammed along the A20 trunk road. A man was arrested, the PA news agency reported.

In Dover, famous for its white chalk cliffs and known to tourists as the point of arrival of their ferries, English nationalists keep protesting against migration. In September 2020 there were clashes with the police.

Protesters carry a banner that reads “Stop the Invasion”

Quelle: AP/Andrew Matthews

Observers also blame the nationalist rhetoric of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government for the protests since Brexit.

British security forces keep bringing up boats with suspected illegal migrants in the English Channel. About 25 people were brought to Dover by border guards on Saturday morning. They wore life jackets and corona protective masks. This year more than 3,100 people crossed illegally from the continent to Great Britain – twice as many as in the same period last year.


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