Great-grandmother Nelly, crowned Spring Queen of the elderly in Bolivia

2023-09-21 23:53:04

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Emotion took over Nelly Meave as she received the crown of shiny stones on her head and the scepter in her hands on Thursday when she was proclaimed this year’s Spring Queen by the association of older adults of Bolivia.

At 74 years old, this housewife fulfilled her dream of wearing the crown and dancing the waltz with her son Paulo Bustillos, on a special day: the beginning of the spring season in the Andean nation.

“I feel very happy, thanks to my friends,” she said excitedly to The Associated Press in a room in a central neighborhood of the city of La Paz within the framework of the celebration of the Day of Spring, Friendship, Students and Love. .

“From being the queen of our hearts, you have become the Queen of Spring,” said her son. This type of ceremony has been taking place for several years in La Paz, according to the organizers.

Nelly is the mother of three children, five grandchildren and one great-grandson. “What more can I ask for!” She declared amidst the uproar of her princesses, who shouted her name and applauded.

“We are not ruled out yet, we are moving forward,” said Rosario Martínez, one of the princesses.

“Now is the time to have fun, enjoy our springs… I think it is important to celebrate life,” said the organizer of the event, María Teresa Almendras.

She said that they feel lucky because the pandemic did not cause deaths of members of the association.

The Association of Older Adults, Life Experience brings together 41 older adults, mostly women, and will celebrate 20 years of foundation in 2024. Its mission is to empower the elderly and spend time together, according to its members. But it is also taken into account for meetings and efforts of local and international organizations that seek to improve the lives of older adults in the Andean country.

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