Great Wall Motors delighted in sales of compact SUVs Ranked number one for 2 months in a row

Great Wall Motors celebrated its No. 1 success with the highest sales of compact SUVs for the second consecutive month in August and September, with the latest All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV sold in September. More than 405 cars, accounting for 33.2 percent market share, ready to send a special campaign BIG THANKS REWARD instead of heartfelt thanks.With an additional 10,000 GWM Points for all customers who drive from July 1 – November 30, 2021, along with other benefits. Total value of more than 100,000 baht in return for customers who have always believed and supported Great Wall Motors and cars from the HAVAL brand.

Great Wall Motors continues to produce great results. Despite having to face difficult situations amid the epidemic of COVID-19 Guaranteed by the success of the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV that can occupy the No. 1 sales position in the compact SUV segment for 2 consecutive months. In August, 408 units were sold, accounting for a 34.3 percent market share. A total of 405 units were sold with a market share of 33.2 percent, becoming the most popular compact SUV in Thailand.

To thank and reward customers for their continued support of the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, Great Wall Motors is offering a special campaign BIG THANKS REWARD to give 10,000 extra GWM Points to all customers. person Both existing customers who bought and received the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV since July 1, and new customers who plan to buy and receive the car from October 22 toOn November 30th, GWM Points will be awarded an additional 10,000 points from the original 15,000 points, totaling 25,000 points.

Mr. Narong Sitlayon, Managing Director of Great Wall Motors (Thailand) said, “The success of All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV in Thailand. can’t happen If there is no serious and sincere support and trust from Thai consumers and all our customers. We thank you all You again open your heart and ready to share new experiences. go together with us whether new products or service Online-to-Offline (O2O) new formats from new brands like us through GWM Application, GWM Direct Store and Partner Store. These are all important powers and encouragements that make us ready to innovate and develop new things. different and creative To help meet the needs and create maximum satisfaction for all our consumers and customers, for this BIG THANKS REWARD campaign as well, we want this campaign to It is like a heartfelt thank you while delivering something special to all our customers. Not only with new customers But we also value our current customers as well. Especially the first group of customers who trust and decide to buy our cars from the brand Great Wall Motor has just entered the Thai market. And we haven’t announced the price or the official launch of our car yet. These trusts our customers have in us. This makes us want to take care and make sure our customers, whether they are current or new customers in the future. We will always adhere to our business practices that put the interests of our customers at the center. because we believe Customers are our great strength and encouragement in our work too, andWe want both us and our customers to grow steadily and be filled with warm friendships together with us.”

For the BIG THANKS REWARD campaign, there are many offers and privileges such as

1. Special interest 1.79% for 48 months, maximum value 18,500 baht.
2. Free 1st class car insurance for a period of 1 year with a maximum value of 25,000 baht.
3. Free spare parts and maintenance costs according to distance (GWM Pro Service Inclusive – GPSI) up to 100,000
kilometers (excluding consumable parts) within 5 years, total value 35,000 baht
4. Free home delivery service nationwide with full tank of oil Total value up to 10,000 baht
5. Earn 25,000 GWM Points to redeem products and benefits in GWM Application.
7. Free car pick-up and delivery service for 4 times of mileage maintenance service
Value 3,000 baht
8. Free periodic check service according to the on-site maintenance schedule for customers, amounting to 2 times, worth 1,500 baht.
9. Free 24-hour roadside assistance service for 5 full years
worth 10,000 baht

Total value of special offers under BIG THANKS REWARD over 100,000 baht.

For customers who previously purchased the All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV, which is from July 1, 2021 until October 21, 2021, will receive a special 10,000 GWM Point transfer retroactively. to the system to collect points for each person automatically by November 5, for new customers who buy cars Between October 22 and November 30, will receive an additional 10,000 extra points within 15 days after receiving the car successfully. It will automatically be added to the reward system in the GWM Application as well.

Customers and interested parties can follow and view more detailed conditions of BIG THANKS REWARD campaign via GWM Application or website. or Official Facebook Fan Page : GWM Thailand

In addition, this October onwards, All New HAVAL H6 Hybrid SUV has 1 additional color to choose from, which is Burgundy Red, which is available in both PRO and ULTRA models. Those who are interested can visit and experience this new color car. At every GWM Direct Store and Partner Store, you can book a test drive or order via the GWM Application or contact the Intelligent Ambassador (iAM) as well.

In addition to its success in Thailand, Great Wall Motors has continued to grow in the global market as well.
With a total global car sales of more than 100,022 units in September last year. It is a car that can be sold in different countries. Outside of China, a total of 11,437 vehicles were sold, representing a 47.1% increase compared to the same period last year. Overall sales of Great Wall Motors in the global market for the first 3 quarters of 2021 continue to perform well. With a total sales of more than 884,045 units, a 29.9% increase compared to the same period last year. It accounted for 97,946 cars sold in countries outside of China, representing a 136.3 percent jump compared to the same period last year.

As a “Global Mobility Technology Company”, Great Wall Motors remains committed to delivering products and services. with special campaigns To take care and provide convenience to customers in a comprehensive way Along with raising the standard of service every step of the way from pre-sales, sales and after-sales. To create maximum satisfaction and deliver the best experience for all consumers and customers.


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