Green Montana sends “4WD / California” double clip

Posted on July 22, 2021 at 7:25 p.m.

through Booskap

Green Montana is back with the release of the double clip 4RM/California.

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Two titles, two atmospheres

The last time our editorial staff spoke to you about Green Montana, it was to come back to the little day that the Belgian had spent with our team during the 24-hour video with Green Montana in Brussels.

On this Thursday, July 22, the artist signed within the 92i sends the double clip 4RM/California in which Green Montana offers us a visual that is both aesthetic and qualitative. The clip starts with an excluded,4RM, a dark banger during which Green performs at full speed for almost a minute. The second part puts the title in pictures California, extract from his EP MELANCHOLIA 999, piece with a light vibe carried by melodious and smooth flows at will of which the rapper has the secret. The clip can be viewed just below.

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