“Greening Flanders: The Cobblestone Ripping Championship Fighting Soil Sealing and Urbanization”

2023-04-30 16:03:26


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The championship started at the end of March in around a hundred Flemish cities. The objective: to fight against soil sealing to avoid suffering from floods and droughts.

Under the cobblestones, the flowers. In Belgium, the authorities now invite citizens to arm themselves with pickaxes and crowbars to remove as much concrete as possible from their properties and replace it with plants. After proving its worth in the Netherlands, the cobblestone ripping championship is coming to Flanders. A hundred Flemish towns have been competing since the end of March and until October 31 in order to green this region which is one of the most concrete in Europe and to fight against the sealing of the soil which promotes droughts and floods.

Rampant urbanization

“It was a lot of work, I felt it in my lower back! But I’m happy with the result.” breathes Femke Legein in front of her brand new flower bed. After discovering the competition on Facebook at the beginning of April, this gentle-eyed dance teacher took the plunge. She borrowed a jackhammer from friends before applying to make v

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