Griselda Martínez offers to people trained in Traditional Medicine who exhibit at the Fair


Manzanillo, Col.- While attending the end of the Traditional Medicine workshop that the Manzanillo city council gave through the Citizen Participation and Community Development department, President Griselda Martínez offered the trained people that the products she has made market them at the Manzanillo Fair, for which he offered them a stand to carry it out with the objective of promoting good health and strengthening their economy.

He thanked the interest and effort to acquire new knowledge, and asked to pass it on to more people to expand the positive aspects of traditional medicine. He recalled that diseases were previously cured with natural products, which is why he said that it is important to acquire knowledge to take care of health in a natural way, “we must take advantage of all the good things we have, because it helps us to stay calm, health is very important” .

Griselda Martínez, in addition to providing all the facilities for natural products to be exhibited for sale on the days of the Fair, also offered a space to continue promoting traditional medicine at all the festivals held in different parts of the municipality. .

Likewise, he announced that work will be done on a piece of land to convert it into an herbal nursery so that it can be the supplier of the raw material for the manufacture of different products for good health.

He also thanked all the members of the Citizen Participation and Community Development Department for their daily work in the streets and communities of Manzanillo, to promote different actions in favor of the people of Manzanillo.

This first level herbalist course was held in the Tourist Corridor for 3 months, was taught by Dr. Afrodita Castañeda Reyes and promotes the social and solidarity economy. To date, 4 have been carried out in which around 100 people have been trained.

The president presented recognition for the dedication of the people who attended the workshop, who thanked this type of teaching that becomes tools to improve the quality of life, because in addition to being able to treat physical ailments in a natural way for their families, they also It serves to market products safely, as there are concentrates of medicinal plants, scrubs, ointments, essences, soaps, syrups, creams, sanitizers, and many more products.

Elvira Robles said that thanks to this knowledge they will help heal their relatives, friends, acquaintances, who feel happy to be part of something that has never happened like this in Manzanillo, which is very positive for everyone.

Guadalupe Aguilar mentioned that without the vision of the municipal president, this type of course could not have been achieved, to learn how illnesses can be treated naturally.

Matías Ortuño, the only male in the class, added that a very positive social bond was created, since the coexistence between people was strengthened by making new friends among the people who took the course and stressed that they worked as a team to acquire the knowledge that they will be able to help the population.

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