GTA 6 has received a release window!

2023-05-18 07:03:00


Yesterday was the Financial Call von Take-Two held. In which the company has also disclosed the general transparency and the current state of affairs to investors. This involves price forecasts, the current financial situation, but of course also upcoming projects and how these will affect the value of the company. And with this call, GTA 6 has now received a release window!

GTA 6 Release Window : Late 2024 – Early 2025

These forecasts and statistics are provided by Take-Two primarily for investors made. So that they not only know who they have invested in. But also to attract potential new investors. And so these forecasts amount to the calculated one Balance sheet for the year 2025 and the beginning of 2026. In which the currently running projects are taken into account and the estimated profits they will bring.

This report also makes clear about that GTA Franchise spoken. As well as Red Dead Redemption and also various mobile games from the daughter house Zynga. But the upcoming “continuation of the main series in the GTA franchise” (as it is called there) means that it is in good development and is therefore already taken into account for this balance sheet. Mathematically, this means for GTA 6 has a release window of late 2024 or early 2025to be relevant to this report.

The Max Payne games are getting a remake!

In addition to the numerous financial updates. The increasing number of players, both in GTA Online and Red Dead Redemption, were also mentioned some other projects. Which all below Take Two are now in the works. Among other things, they should Max Payne games a Remake received, in cooperation between the developers of the games and Rockstar. But I think the most important factor for you guys out there is that Release window of GTA 6 is.

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