Guess who this beautiful girl is.. She grew up and became one of the most important artists and was distinguished by her sweet voice and wit.. You won’t believe who she is!

Several pictures of a little girl have circulated on social networking sites, stealing the attention of followers with her glamorous beauty since childhood and her wit.

This little girl is the late Egyptian artistShadia, who grabbed the hearts of followers with her sweet voice, beauty and professional acting performance. Followers interacted greatly with these Shadia pictures, and expressed their admiration for her preservation of the same features.

Shadia is an Egyptian actress and singer, one of the giants of the beautiful high-end art in Egypt, where her concerts were buzzing with fans chanting her name. Critics consider her one of the most famous and successful Arab artists of her time, so the audience called her “The Delight of Egyptian Cinema”.

She is the artist, Shadia, the queen of hearts and the lover of the masses. Through this article, we will inform you about the biography of the artist, Shadia, who are her husbands, her artistic career, and her most important works, as well as her death.

She is considered a symbol of the golden age of Egyptian cinema, famous for her comedic and dramatic roles in the period between the fifties and seventies of the last century.

Her first appearance was in the movie “Flowers and Thorns”, and her last movie was “Don’t ask me who I am”. She is also famous for her patriotic song “Ya Habibi Ya Masr” and for her leading role in the Egyptian movie “The Unknown Woman”.

And she had works in all categories, such as Egyptian romantic films, dramas and thrillers. Not to mention her theatrical work.

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