Guillermo del Toro is honored in “La Más Draga” and this is how the filmmaker reacted

Guillermo del Toro received a tribute in the most recent episode of “Sólo la más”, a special edition of “La Más Draga”, the popular Mexican television show where Mexican and Latin American drags compete in various challenges that include singing, acting, comedy and dance.

During the April 16 show, several participants, notable for their performance throughout various seasons, came together to pay tribute to the acclaimed filmmaker. However, one in particular caught attention due to its impressive characterization of Del Toro, prompting a reaction from the creator of “Pan’s Labyrinth.”

On the “La Más del Toro” catwalk, references were made to some of his most successful films, such as “Mimic” and “The Shape of Water.” But, Madison Basrey, a contestant from the third season of the program, was the one who embodied the filmmaker, wearing an outfit in red, gold and silver tones.

Originally from Jalisco, Basrey incorporated various props and symbols, including an antique-looking book with Guillermo del Toro’s photo on the cover and a mask of the Faun character in her filmography.

The shocking performance generated a stir on social networks and reached the eyes of the filmmaker, who shared a video published by the user @ToñoVivanco, where Madison is seen modeling her suit, expressing: “How soft!”


For his part, Basrey responded to the film director’s post, emphasizing that his characterization was done with respect and admiration.

Although this is not the first time that Del Toro’s works have been explored in the contest, most of the participants chose to focus on his films, with only one of them deciding to characterize himself as the filmmaker himself.

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