Guseo Pesto (Raiffeisen)

Zsuzsa Guseo is the candidate for the Raiffeisen special award from the 9th broadcast of the 7th season of “Between Cápák”.

Why did you decide to start a business? Aren’t you afraid of uncertainty?

It was precisely the uncertainty and vulnerability due to Covid that prompted me to start another business. I have always been stubborn, I like to go after my own head, so being an entrepreneur is ideal for me, as it is where I can express my creativity and desire for freedom.

What has been your biggest success so far?

Getting into a store chain with my products, which I only dared to dream about before.

What has been your biggest failure so far?

When we lost a very big tender.

If you could start over, is there anything you would change?

No, but of course I make mistakes. I have made decisions that turned out not to be good, but I rather take them as part of learning and I always look for where I can move on.

Can you separate work from personal life?


Were your friends more supportive, or were there more people who expressed doubts?

They supported me, sometimes they pulled me back to the ground.

Did you manage to separate the business and your own finances?

Pretty much.

Do you have a next plan?

I am very happy with the business advice and mentoring, because I was already planning to use a similar service.

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