Gustavo Gutiérrez: 80 years for a ‘long road’ of bohemia

From his residence, located in the Novalito neighborhood of Valledupar, the vallenato singer-songwriter Gustavo Gutiérrez Cabello, who celebrates 80 years of life, continues “staring at the sky, and among the mountains makes his thoughts fly”, just as he did long ago to create true jewels of our folklore as Camino Largo, immortalized by the voice of Diomedes Díaz and the accordion of his great friend Colacho Mendoza, on the album Para mi fanaticada (1980).

The letters of the ‘Romancero del Vallenato‘, due to their lyrical richness, are among the favorites of artists such as Hermanos Zuleta, Diomedes Díaz, Jorge Oñate, Binomio de Oro, and transcended to other genres from the hand of Pacho Galán and Billo’s Caracas Boys who recorded The Thorn for him.

In dialogue with EL HERALDO, Gutiérrez Cabello expressed having mixed feelings for reaching this stage. “I feel great nostalgia for my great friends who leftLike Colacho Mendoza, Rafael Escalona, ​​El Trío Malanga, which was the one with whom I participated in the parrandas; but hey, I’m happy because I reached 80, I feel that I have lived them well, in fact 20 years ago I quit drinking to have a better lifestyle”.

Many have classified him as a poet or philosopher of music; he, plain and simple, considers himself a “romantic and dreamer.”

Just as he expressed it in the theme Landscape of the Sun, recorded by Jorge Oñate and Juancho Rois. “All my life I have been a dreamer, a sensitive, simple person, I live a lot remembering when I made my songs along all these long roads that Valledupar has for Patillal and Atánquez. My life has been full of bohemia, all my songs came from my soul, I always liked poetry and I have a sensitivity for verses, I partied a lot with Jaime Molina who was the ‘Poeta de Valledupar’, So my songs bear that stamp, that indelible mark of romanticism“, Held.

Regarding the song that most moves him to listen, he does not hesitate to say that it is Confidencias, his first composition. He also delights with The thorn, Long way, Without measuring distances and My child grew up, dedicated to his son Gustavo José when he turned 10 years old. “I had four childrenOne of them died seven years ago (Jaime Daniel), two work in Bogotá, Gustavo José and Evaristo Raúl, and Kike who lives with me, I adore them all ”.


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