Gyanwapi: Supreme Court to hear today | Gyanvapi Mosque

New Delhi: The Supreme Court will today hear three issues, including the survey of the Gyanwapi Mosque in Varanasi. Though the petition was scheduled to be heard yesterday, the Hindu faction said that senior advocate Harishankar Jain, who is appearing for them, was ill and the case should be adjourned till tomorrow. Approved by Justice DY. A bench headed by Chandrachud adjourned the hearing till today.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court directed the Varanasi High Court not to issue any other orders in the case till they consider the matter. The Varanasi court then adjourned the matter to 23. The apex court had yesterday ordered that the site where the Shiva lingam was allegedly found should be protected and worshipers should not be disturbed in the mosque.

Survey report in Varanasi court

New Delhi: The report of a survey conducted by the Bar Commission at the Gyanwapi Mosque in New Delhi has been submitted to the Varanasi court. Some of the lawyers shared this, claiming it was a copy of the confidential report. Its authenticity has not been confirmed.

Key observations in the report: Images of flowers and urns are inscribed on the pillars of the mosque. At the bottom of the pillars are some inscriptions in ancient Hindi. At the bottom of the wall was a trident. It has pillars and arches similar to those of a Hindu temple. This was denied by the church committee. The lotus is inscribed on the minaret of the church. A 2.5-foot-round circular figure was found near the small pond where the feet were washed in the church. The petitioners claim the Shivalingam. Church committee members describe the system as a fountain.

English Summary: Supreme Court to consider Gyanvapi Mosque survey case

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