Gymnastics elections: who are the candidates for president, what are the lists and how much time do they have to vote?

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The elections in Gymnastics are carried out normally


Finally, the ruling party will not appear, since Gabriel Pellegrino decided to raise the list that they had presented by Unidos Gimnasia, together with Lucas Castagneto’s group, in disagreement with what was done by the businessman Salomé from Qatar.

After six years of political leadership, Gimnasia is hours away from having a new president and 35 new leaders, who will be accompanying it until December 2025. The economic and financial situation of the club is alarming, since a priori the liabilities are higher than the 9 million dollars. In addition, Néstor Gorosito awaits the new authorities to talk about reinforcements, contracts and the preseason thinking about 2023.


Gymnastics partners elect new authorities at the Social Headquarters


Who are the candidates for president and leaders in Gymnastics

transform gymnastics

  • President: Mariano Cowen
  • First Vice President: Juan Pablo Arrien
  • Second Vice President: Salvador Robustelli
  • Third Vice President: Rodolfo Acerbi
  • Honorary Jury: Alicia Casamiquela

The Complete List of Transform Gymnastics

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make tripero

  • President: Julio Chaparro
  • First Vice President: Fernando Domínguez
  • Second Vice President: Marcelo Bombardelli
  • Third Vice President: Esteban Chumbita
  • Honorary Jury: Domingo Favaloro

Get to know the complete list of Make Tripero

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Tripero To Do List, with Julio Chaparro as a candidate for president in the Gymnastics elections

Tripero To Do List, with Julio Chaparro as a candidate for president in the Gymnastics elections

make tripero

The People’s List

  • President: Toto Medina
  • First Vice President: Javier Novarini
  • Second Vice President: Mariano Arcelus
  • Third Vice President: Luis Rey

The complete list of the People’s List


Toto Medina, presenting the list of

Toto Medina, presenting the list of “The People’s List” for the elections in Gymnastics


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