Haas F1 Team Nikita Mazepin “I didn’t try to scare Mick Schumacher”[F1-Gate .com]

Nikita Mazepin says he didn’t intend to “frighten” Haas F1 teammate Mick Schumacher on the final lap of the F1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

Mick Schumacher, pushed to the right with a wall on Nikita Mazepin, shouted on the radio after the checkered flag, “He really wants to kill us?”

Mick Schumacher’s uncle Ralf Schumacher believes that this move by Nikita Mazepin is “life-threatening” and deserves a race ban.

Norbert Haug, the former head of Mercedes F1, also defended Mick Schumacher.

“Mick is a very rational man, so I think there’s a good reason for him to yell,” Norbert Haug told Sky Deutschland.

“In this case, he should hit the table at the team’s debriefing session and speak very loudly. I hope he does.”

Nikita Mazepin has been controversial and unpopular on and off the track for a short time in his F1 career, but claims that the case with Mick Schumacher was simply a “misunderstanding.”

“In F1, everyone is a top racer, so no one wants to scare others,” Nikita Mazepin told sports.ru.

“In Baku, it was just a misunderstanding based on my experience and expectations of what Mick was doing.”

“Usually drivers use the inside line when overtaking because it’s great for braking. I’m sure I started the blocking operation late, but everyone does.”

“And Mick didn’t want to stay outside. When I saw him in the mirror, I quickly returned to the original line.”

“But this moment was just a misunderstanding. Like any other overtaking move during the race, I thought Mick would go to the left, but he went to the right.”

“Maybe that moment also had an impact. It was the final lap and I didn’t paint it, but I’m sure I didn’t try to scare anyone.”

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